Zaehne Anna Mund Anna Gun Enemy Face Clown Clown Dead Bodies Anna Kamera

Moving anamorphotic projections around a cylinder-shaped revolving stage.
Preproduced material and live video with splitscreen.
The movement of stage and video is synced to simulate a overlaying texture.
The actors own image projected back onto their bodies each moving in a different way.

A theatre piece directed by: Lola Arias
all video on stage: Mikko Gaestel & Stefan Schmied (Expander)
revolving stage by Dominic Huber (blendwerk)

produced by HAU Berlin

shown in:
Hebbel am Ufer Berlin
Theaterformen Braunschweig
Gessnerallee Z├╝rich
Brut Wien
Kampnagel Hamburg
Kaserne Basel