Kolkata Room

View of one of the prepared rooms as part of the set in the hotel Taj Bengal, Kolkata.

A theatre piece about the actual live and biographies of people making a living of cleaning hotel rooms.

5 generic hotelrooms are prepared in various ways, audience members move
from room to room on theit own with keycards, spending 10min in each.

A theatre play by Lola Arias
Stage Design, Video, Audio: Mikko Gaestel (Expander)

The play was adjusted according to the biographies of the local cleaning staff
and performed in various cities:

Taj Bengal - Kolkata, India (Goethe Institute)
Ibis Hotel Novena – Singapore (Singapore Arts Festival)
Ibis Hotel - Berlin, Germany (Ciudades Paralelas)
Ibis Hotel - Warsaw, Poland (Ciudades Paralelas)
Ibis Hotel - Zürich, Switzerland (Ciudades Paralelas)
Ibis Hotel - Buenos Aires, Argentinia (Ciudades Paralelas)
Ibis Hotel - Utrecht, Netherlands (Festival aan de Werf)
Maldron Hotel – Cork, Ireland (Cork Midsummer Festival)